czwartek, 10 marca 2011

striking3agle / fantasygames

Striking3agle and fantasygames  fusion! 
Making blog alone is too hard job for me, so I decided to join C'tan and write for his fantasygames. Firstly I want to move tutorials from this blog to FG, after that I'll make new stuff. Follow us on fantasygames and on the Facebook: CLICK!  

piątek, 7 stycznia 2011

Step by step, painting Chaos Space Marine part 1

Hi all, I’m back with a new tutorial.

 I play a night lords CSM army, and people often seem to be pretty interested in how I paint them, and so I thought it’d be a good idea to make a tutorial on them. This tutorial covers how to make a fully completed chaos marine in step-by-step.

niedziela, 2 stycznia 2011

Object Source Lighting tutorial

Hi all, this is my first time doing a tutorial, and I decided to take you through how to do some basic object source lighting (OSL).

niedziela, 19 grudnia 2010

How to make Desert Terrain Board

Today I want to present you first auxiliary tutorial. Swamski (from DakkaDakka) will show you how to make nice Desert Terrian Board. I hope it isn't his last article on my blog.

piątek, 10 grudnia 2010

Painting rust

I've made tutorials for airbrush-guys, now it's time for some brush work. We are still in weathering zone, so lets paint a rusty skaven spear.

wtorek, 7 grudnia 2010

Last time I used hairspray to make battle damage, but we can also use another house products to make weathering on the model. Today I will show you how to get paint chip, using kitchen salt.