piątek, 10 grudnia 2010

Painting rust

I've made tutorials for airbrush-guys, now it's time for some brush work. We are still in weathering zone, so lets paint a rusty skaven spear.

What we need:
  • Boltgun Metal. It is important to use this paint. Mithrill Silver is too bright. Metalics by Vallejo are very bad for this kind of paint job, glazes run-off it and it is very hard to stain it.
  • Vallejo Air Rust
  • Vallejo Air Cam. Medium Brown
  • Tamiya xf-1 Flat Black
  • MiG Pigments Dust(light brown)
  • Blood Red
  • Wet pallet
I used this paints, but you can whatsoever brown, red and black paints. You can also skip MiG Pigment to get more metallic effect.

Step I
Apply Boltgun Metal on base coat (whatsoever color, I used orange, don't ask why...).

Step II
  Apply Vallejo Air Rust on wet pallet and mix it with water (relation 1:5) and apply about 3 thin layers on spear (remember that previous layer must by dry).  


Step III
 Do the same thing with Vallejo Air Cam. Medium Brown, if you still have Rust on pallet, don't afraid to mix it with Brown. Apply 3 thin layers on spear.  


Step IV
  Apply Tamiya Black on pallet and mix it with Vallejo Brown (1:1). Paint shadows on spear , about 1-2 layers (XF-1 has strong pigment, so be careful). If you don't have MiG pigment (or home made powdered dry pastels), move to Step VII.

Step V
  Pigment time. Mix a little (like on picture) part of pigment with blood red and water (1:5) and apply 1 thin layer on random spear parts.  

Step VI
  If you want to have really rusty weapons, repeat Step V (several times if you paint nurgle army).


Step VI
  Very simple thing for the end, drybrush spear with Boltgun Metal. But remember, not aggressive hitting miniature by your brush or not shuffle. Just gently, quick moves with your brush (the bigger one, I used Army Painter Drybrush Brush).

And small example on previous mini

Hope you like it. All comments are welcome. 

2 komentarze:

  1. Just beautiful Mike! I am going to try this right away!

  2. Wow, nice. I regret I don't own army which would go well with rusty weapons, altough I'm gonna do some experiments with your rusty paint style anyway :).