wtorek, 7 grudnia 2010

Last time I used hairspray to make battle damage, but we can also use another house products to make weathering on the model. Today I will show you how to get paint chip, using kitchen salt.

What we need:
  • kitchen salt, for better effects use this with various sizes of crystals
  • cold water in cup and hot water in faucet
  • airbrush loaded with paint or base coat spray (in whatsoever color, Tamiya has good color spray pallet)
  • brush and paints (black and red to make rust effect)

Step I
Just like before, apply black coat and about 3 layers of red paint to get rust effect.


Step II
Using you brush, apply cold (about 20*C) water (like on picture, not to fat layer, because salt can melt) on model.


Step III
When miniature is wet, throw on it some salt. Don't worry if you applied too much salt, you can remove overflow with dry brush or your finger. Than wait about 30 minutes to model can run dry.


Step IV
Using airbrush or spray apply armor color. I used white Vallejo Air paint:

first 2 layers, next 3 layers, final 2 layers
Sorry for bad pictures 

Step V
 Wait about one day (if you use airbrush) or couple of hours (if you use spray), paint must be very dry. Then take you model to kitchen or bathroom and put it under faucet, and turn on hot water. It's takes some time, about 3 minutes, but it depends of salt kind. If you're sure that all salt melted, dry miniature (just wait or use hairdryer).


Step VI 
  Finish model, I used only 1 layer of wash (Vallejo black wash mixed with Glaze Medium), but nothing prevents to use more layers or some glazes.   



All comments are welcome and if you have questions, just ask me here on via e-mail.

2 komentarze:

  1. Would scrapeing off the dry salt/paint work instead of running it under water? I think this effect would be great on a vehichle, but I think on warhammer models it would not be a drastic enough amount of rust.
    Cheers, Bard

  2. I have never tried it, but I think that scrap off all salt can be difficult and you can destroy paint layer. I'll tray it and update tutorial. But why don't you just use hot water?

    In this tutorial I used small-crystal-salt, use more of it, or bigger-crystal-salt to get more rusty effect.