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Step by step, painting Chaos Space Marine part 2

Do you want to know how Martin painted gold and details on his model?

Part 3 - gold

 Apply a basecoat of shining gold on all of the banding. One or two coats should be plenty.

 Make a mix of 3:1 scorched brown/chaos black, and make it to about the same consistency as the wash you used on the armour. You can water it down a bit more and use it like a glaze if you’re having trouble getting a smooth colour. Use the shades like with the metal, trying to create alternating areas of light and shade. For example, in the second photo, I picked that the corner of the shoulder pad would be bright, and so I made the areas next to it dark, and I followed that pattern around the entire shoulderpad. As you can imagine, on the other side of the shoulderpad, the corner is bright again. As you can see in the other photo, the corner of the shoulderpad is dark, and so the middle is bright. This is really important to achieving that shiny effect.

 Highlight the gold back up with an 8:1 mix of shining gold/mithril silver. You’ll really have to blend this well, otherwise the gold won’t look smooth.

Add more mithril silver to take it up to about 8:3 gold/mithril, and do it again. At this point I also used this colour to delicately highlight all of the edges and other things like the studs and skulls with this mix.

Now paint mithril silver onto all of the brightest areas as a final highlight.

That’s the main part of the model done. Now all that’s left to do is details. This particular model doesn’t have a lot of details on it, only the eyes and the base really.

 For the eyes, just paint them black, and then add dark flesh, blood red, and blazing orange, moving towards the front of the eye. The blazing orange should be just a thin line at the very front. Take some skull white, and add a tiny dot in the back of the eye and it’s finished:

For the base, start over black, and apply a thick wash of 3:1 scorched brown and codex grey.
Then drybrush it with codex grey, and then fortress grey.

Add some citadel snow effects with some PVA glue. You will need to do two coats to get a decent looking snow effect. And that’s the mini finished!


Thanks for reading, cheers guys.


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  1. This scheme may very well be stolen (though Im doubting whether I can do it the same justice you did). I do have a couple questions on how you would go about painting certain things as my style definitely different from yours (so how I would mix things up would probably be very different from how you would): How do you go about painting bones, parchment, and (the one I would probably have the most luck winging) flesh?
    All in all though, probably the best Night Lords I have every seen, definitely very fitting with the fluff.

  2. Great tutorial and great finished mini. Thanks for posting, it looks great and I picked up some very good tips!